What do we do?

Fungi are foundational species for nearly all terrestrial life on Earth. They are critical links between the health, stability and abundance of the soil, plants and freshwater on which human and animal life depends. The vision of the Central Texas Mycological Society (CTMS) is to foster recognition of the field of mycology as a beneficial ally in the effort to restore and sustain the resilience of the natural world in the general public. Our mission is to strengthen the conservation, awareness, and study of Mycology in the communities of Central Texas by creating a member self-directed non-profit organization, CTMS.



The CTMS has a robust Fungi Educational Programing, ranging from free monthly lectures, to more in-depth hands on training in cultivation, mushroom identification, and bio-remediation and all things mycological.



The CTMS seeks to further research in Mycology by organizing and training citizen scientists. With projects ranging from documenting the species of Central Texas to helping fund bio-remediation research.



The CTMS is a community resourse for anyone looking to learn more about fungal ecology and how to incorporate fungi into their life. We also hold an annual Mushroom Festival that blends ecological education with tons of fun.